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About Oretha

“Assisting the elderly is a calling of the heart”

Oretha Herrera, the visionary behind Senior Concierge Services, found inspiration 15 years ago while caring for her father during medical treatments. Witnessing seniors managing alone in hospital halls ignited her mission to provide assistance. In 2019, she established Oretha Senior Concierge Services, growing to 100 clients with 20 concierges. In March 2024, Oretha launched Oretha’s Senior Daycare in SS3, Petaling Jaya, in collaboration with a 23-year retirement home veteran.

Oretha’s deep compassion for seniors propels her success. Her business addresses the growing need to assist families with elderly loved ones, offering a comprehensive and caring solution.

“Our approach to senior care is a bridge to independence, ensuring every step is a confident one”

As families move abroad or face a fast-paced local lifestyle, caring for parents becomes challenging. Our services ease your stress and ensure your loved ones receive the care they need. We also empower seniors for independent living, enhancing their quality of life.


Our mission statement is clear on how we run our service, and so our tagline says it all – “Caring For Them With Love.”

“Providing for seniors is a heartfelt journey that demands a unique touch”

Senior Daycare Experience – Engaging Programs for Active, Safe Senior Interaction

Immerse seniors in a vibrant Daycare Business that offers tailored programs, ensuring not only an active and safe environment but also fostering social interaction among elderly individuals.

Senior Concierge –  Personalized Non-Medical Support System

Elevate your senior care with our Concierge Business, where dedicated concierges provide personalized assistance during hospital and clinic visits, as well as for various errands.

Senior Travel –  Specialty Outings (Coming soon)

Enjoy thoughtfully planned tours to wheelchair-friendly destinations, providing seniors accessible and enjoyable experiences.

One-Stop Senior Care Service

Why choose us


Reclaim Your Time

Caregiving can be overwhelming, with no breaks for personal time. Choose our service to regain the moments that matter in your life, knowing your senior loved ones are in capable and caring hands.


Independence with Dignity

Empower your loved ones to lead an independent life filled with dignity. Our senior care is a supportive bridge to ensure each step they take is a confident and self-reliant one.


Decades of Expertise

With two decades of experience, our dedicated team speaks the language of love and compassion when it comes to understanding and caring for seniors. Trust us for expert care that stands the test of time.

What People Say


Highly recommend Oretha and her specialized service. She has a dedicated and responsible team who take their work seriously and do a thorough job! Am so glad her service came at the right time for both my parents. Knowing that my aged parents are in good hands is a huge relieve and blessing to my family. I am happy to see her service and business growing but I also know the hard work that she and her team puts in to get such deserving and commendable reviews. All the best!

Christine Rowland


Oretha’s Senior Concierge Malaysia is a great service. The staff are professional and very helpful. They provide a personalized friendly service which I can trust. Recommended anytime.

Farida Littlemore

Eternally grateful to Amanih (senior concierge) who helped Mom get to her many, many medical appointments at the government hospitals here. Amanih has gone above and beyond her duties in caring for Mom. Her efficiency, professionalism, and compassion has brought peace of mind to Adele Schultz and me.
If you or your loved ones need concierge services for the elderly, pls contact Oretha. I highly recommend them!

Audrey Fong

Petaling Jaya

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We are committed to the residents and communities we serve to promote better and healthier lives. We strive to be an industry leader with uncompromising standards measured by defined clinical outcomes, customer service programs and financial sustainability.


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